Tameka is a reluctant “retired” mercenary from another world. Residing on Earth, she tries to live life without using her sword. Yet, boredom takes its toll on her quickly. When others come from her world and begin to torment her city, she gets more than she bargained for.




About Author/Artist

Angela is a 3D modeler, digital artist, traditional artist, and story writer. She is currently working on multiple personal passion project that connects together, in some way or form, in different mediums such as an unpublished novel and a free to read webcomic and soon short stories.

She loves fantasy,, comedy, action/adventure, horror, and adorable cat photos (not in any particular order).

She is usually stuck in front of a computer drinking a ton of coffee while creating her works (or procrastinating by browsing the web and social media). The only thing that pulls her away is her two cats, who demand attention and playtime every so often.

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